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Dr. med. dent (Uni. Rijeka) Nataša Mraović

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Dental practice in the heart of Munich

As a dental practice directly in the center of Munich (cross street to Maximilianstraße), we offer you an all-round treatment from professional teeth cleaning (performed by doctors at our practice) to implantology.

Please feel free to make an appointment with us at our practice at Thierschstraße 40 in Munich. We look forward to seeing you !

The dental practice

Since 2016, we have been treating patients in the dental practice at Thierschstraße 40 in Munich. Here, the personal and individual care of each patient is very important to us.

Our credo is a comprehensive and, above all, accurate treatment of each patient – whether it is “only” a dental cleaning or a complete rehabilitation of the masticatory apparatus.

Thanks to the very central location, our patients can reach the practice on foot or by  public transport without any problems.

Our specialty

Aesthetic dentistry

Beautiful teeth promote self-confidence and especially self-esteem. We offer comprehensive treatments in the field of aesthetic dentistry!

Implantology / Prosthetics

Dental prostheses and the holistic assessment of the oral area are a central theme in our practice. Ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

An excerpt of our services


Preventive care is an important tool to prevent or stop diseases of the teeth and periodontium. For this purpose, we offer, among other things, professional dental cleanings or individual prophylaxis.

Dental conservation

Only with a complete and functional set of teeth can you feel completely comfortable and confident. Restorative dentistry is used when the dentition or individual teeth are damaged.

Teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is performed by dentists in our practice. We recommend performing it every 6 to 12 months to remove bacterial plaque and stubborn deposits on hard-to-reach tooth surfaces.

What makes us

Individual appointment

We will arrange your individual appointment with you, both for consultation and treatment.
In the process, we take ample time for you – and only for you.
Thanks to our individual treatment planning, which we tailor to your wishes and needs, we can treat you without any deadline pressure.

Specialization in fields of treatment

Treatments in the field of prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry are among the focal points of the practice. Benefit from  extensive expertise through many years of experience.                                                              With professional know-how and the help of the latest technology, we offer optimal treatment. We are constantly educating ourselves in our areas of expertise.

Great schedule flexibility / We take our time!

We take a lot of time for consultations and treatments for each patient.
We schedule our appointments very precisely and guarantee short to no waiting times.
Short-term appointments as well as flexible planning leave nothing to be desired and allow us to schedule appointments quickly and optimize treatment times.

Fearless to the dentist

Who does not know it? Palpitations, inner restlessness, trembling, an upset stomach and maybe even sleepless nights before a visit to the dentist? For many people, a visit to the dentist triggers exactly these reactions.
But where exactly does the fear come from? We have dealt with this and are responding to patients’ wishes.
Empathy and the ability to put oneself in the patient’s shoes are of paramount importance. Every fear is individual. Therefore, we approach each patient individually.
We also want to give you back some control by informing you about the type, duration and length of treatment so that you know what to expect before you start. And of course, very importantly, you can interrupt the treatment at any time, should you wish to do so.
We will also be happy to consult with you in advance and talk to you about the origin and reasons for your fear and how you can combat it.
Fear is usually learned and can be trained away again.