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We offer comprehensive consultations and treatments in the field of prosthetics


  • Ceramic inlays, overlays, veneers
  • Ceramic partial crowns, full ceramic crowns
  • Ceramic Metal-free bridges
  • Telescope crowns restoration
  • Prostheses

We will be happy to answer your questions about aesthetic dentistry!

smiling woman for root canal treatment

We not only continue to educate ourselves, but also keep up with the times!

We scan instead of working with classic impression compound!

Thanks to our advanced technologies, we no longer work with the classic impression material, which many patients find very uncomfortable, but simply scan your teeth! Thanks to technology, we can thus print a digitally produced crown within a short time!

Digitization of the practice in compliance with current data protection regulations

In today’s society, we are all accustomed to always being available to get to our destination comfortably, with little effort and as little personal contact as possible.
This trend is not stopping at the healthcare industry, and thus many patients, especially younger ones, want a digital offering.

Fixed crowns and bridges

Even if a tooth is almost completely destroyed, there is still no reason to extract it directly. As long as there is enough tooth structure left, a dental crown can be used to replicate the natural tooth.

Total prosthetics

With the help of a full denture, entire rows of teeth can be replaced. This is to restore the most important functions of the dentition: chewing, biting, speaking and, of course, appearance. All the aspects are taken into account with us.