Fixed ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns return the affected tooth to its original shape and functionality.


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You have questions about fixed ceramic crowns

Even if a tooth is almost completely destroyed, there is still no reason to extract it directly. As long as there is enough tooth structure left, a dental crown can be used to replicate the natural tooth. Thanks to modern techniques, there is a possibility to restore not only the original shape and color of the affected tooth. The essential advantage of dental crowns is mainly that the tooth regains its original functionality. As a rule, dental crowns are durable for at least 10 years if properly used and manufactured, and thanks to the use of ceramics, they are aesthetically almost indistinguishable from a natural tooth. In addition, dental crowns can also be placed on top of implants to close a gap between teeth.

Crowns or partial crowns

If the damage to a tooth is not too advanced, there is also the possibility of using a so-called partial crown.

When creating a full crown, the tooth must be prepared accordingly so that the crown can be precisely adapted to the shape of the tooth.

This step is omitted with a partial crown, especially if the outer part of the tooth is still largely intact.

Today, crowns are mostly molded from ceramic for esthetic reasons.