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Bad breath often diminishes self-confidence and general well-being.


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A fresh mouthfeel and pleasant breath: two important aspects of feeling good and appearing confident.
The dentist can help you locate the reasons and causes of bad breath.

What can cause bad breath?

Often the reasons for bad breath can be found in poor oral hygiene.

This often occurs as a result of bacterial deposits in the interdental spaces or on the tongue. If this is indeed the only reason, this can be quickly remedied, for example, by drawing up a hygiene plan for daily dental care or by carrying out a dental cleaning.
Optimal oral hygiene and daily dental care can therefore lead to a reduction in bad breath.

Other causes that can produce bad breath

However, bad breath can also have far more causes. If, for example, there is even a possible underlying disease, this must be treated specifically in order to combat it.

For example, a dry mouth due to low salivation can be a decisive factor for bad breath. Causes may include smoking, stress, frequent mouth breathing, or other medications. A change in diet and special attention to sufficient fluid intake can also already help to stimulate the flow of saliva again.