Bleaching – your bright white teeth

Brilliant white teeth are a dream of many people. We will be happy to advise you on the subject of bleaching


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We will be happy to answer your questions about bleaching!

People with whiter teeth are generally thought to be healthier. The radiance of a white smile signals vitality and self-confidence to us.
Of course, there is not only the bright white. The coloration of the teeth varies. As most people age, their teeth become discolored and darker. This happens, for example, through the consumption of coffee, black tea, tobacco or colored foods.
Discoloration on the tooth surface can already be removed with professional teeth cleaning.

However, if the discoloration has already become embedded in the tooth substance or if you are not naturally blessed with particularly bright teeth, tooth whitening by the dentist is recommended.


The procedure of bleaching

First, the teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned again before bleaching to remove superficial discoloration already. After that, the desired color to be achieved by bleaching is discussed with the patient. The gums are covered with the help of a tension rubber or a protective mask. After that, the visible surface of the teeth is performed using a procedure with oxygen peroxide, heat and light. The dentist applies a bleaching agent in the form of gel to the teeth and then this gel is activated by a UV lamp. The light and heat provide gradual whitening of the teeth.
Treatments can be repeated as needed. In any case, talk to your dentist beforehand, as whitening is not suitable for every tooth. We will be happy to advise you!