Ceramic inlays

Ceramics have proven themselves in recent years, especially for their stability, durability and aesthetics


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Ceramic inlays and fillings are mainly used in the treatment of lesions caused by caries or other dental diseases. Ceramics have proven themselves in recent years, especially due to their stability, durability and aesthetics. Even professionals often cannot distinguish the ceramic inlays from the natural teeth, because they can be perfectly matched to the dentition in shape and color.

What makes ceramic inlays

They are also more stable than amalgam or composite, for example, and thus prevent the penetration of bacteria.

Therefore, inlays need to be renewed or replaced much less frequently than conventional fillings. There are different variants of inlays.

Some can cover the entire occlusal surface as well as the tooth margins. They are also called “onlay” or “overlay”.
Ceramic inlays do not cause any changes in taste and are insensitive to temperature. The average shelf life is 8 to 10 years.