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Professional dental cleaning is an important part of preventive care!


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We will be happy to answer your questions about professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is recommended every 6 to 12 months.
This involves cleaning the surfaces of the teeth, the spaces between the teeth and the gum pockets in order to prevent dental diseases such as caries, periodontitis, gingivitis and plaque formation.
Plaque in particular, a biofilm consisting of billions of bacteria, causes gingivitis. Despite optimal oral hygiene and daily dental care with toothbrush and dental floss, not all interdental spaces can be reached and freed from these bacteria.

During the cleaning procedure, we can get an accurate picture of oral hygiene and create an appropriate concept for you.

Why should you have a professional teeth cleaning at all?

The professional teeth cleaning has of course mainly the medical background to promote the preservation of your teeth and prevent diseases or inflammations.

However, professional teeth cleaning is also justified from a cosmetic point of view. For example, a dental cleaning can remove stubborn discoloration from coffee, black tea or cigarettes and help you achieve a bright white smile.

The professional teeth cleaning in detail

What is meant by this?

Professional teeth cleaning means intensive cleaning of the tooth surfaces, interdental spaces and gum pockets. First, the general condition of the oral cavity is examined, then we remove both soft and stubborn plaque and bacterial deposits using various instruments such as the ultrasonic device, curettes, scalers, dental floss and fine interdental brushes. Depending on the size of the interdental spaces, the instruments here may vary.

What methods are used?
Different methods can also be used if the teeth are damaged by consuming e.g. tea or coffee are strongly discolored.
The work on the tooth surface roughens it.
Since bacteria prefer to adhere to rough tooth surfaces, these are then polished using a special paste or gel and the surfaces are smoothed again.
We use different polish attachments for this purpose, which we place on the drill handpiece. These attachments are usually made of brushes or rubber.

The conclusion of the dental cleaning

In the last step of tooth cleaning, a fluoride varnish is applied. Fluoride varnish strengthens tooth enamel and helps it to regenerate. This makes your teeth more resistant and better protected against bacteria.

Usually, prophylaxis is performed by specially trained professionals, such as dental assistants, dental hygienists or dental prophylaxis assistants.

Here we differ from many dental practices, because with us the entire prophylaxis is carried out by the dentist.