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A tooth is divided into different layers. As the outermost layer, we first find the crown of the tooth, which is surrounded by enamel. Below this is the dentine, which in turn encloses the pulp. The pulp, also known as the dental pulp, contains blood vessels and nerves that can become inflamed.
Such inflammations are mostly caused by accidents or caries formation, as the bacteria work their way into the interior of the tooth, causing inflammation of the tooth root. An inflamed tooth root is usually accompanied by severe pain and can lead to tooth loss and damage to the jawbone.
Root canal treatment should therefore never be postponed.

Endodontics includes all measures to preserve the pulp or at least to regenerate the tissue in and around the root canal. In this way, there is also the possibility of completely preserving the affected tooth and avoiding transmission of the infection to the other teeth.

During a root canal treatment, impurities are thoroughly cleaned and the root canal is hollowed out and then sealed. In some cases, the tooth structure may already be too damaged and therefore treatment with a crown is necessary so that the tooth regains its original stability. It also happens from time to time that even after repeated root canal treatments, inflammation does not heal completely and infected tissue is still present inside the tooth.

In such a case, it is called apicoectomy, when the dentist has to surgically remove the root tip and surrounding tissue.